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How to maintain the ultra violet UV germicidal lamp?

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I know that ordinary ultraviolet lamp maintenance very troublesome, do not know Promise UV germicidal lamp is not also the case? ?
Since UV germicidal lamp is generally used in 185nm or 254nm wavelength, so its UV penetration ability is very poor, no paper, lead glass, plastics are blocking the light, thereby significantly reducing the radiation intensity. Therefore, the dust on the germicidal lamp, oil will directly affect their ability to penetrate.
So the new lamp before use, apply dip to 75% alcohol gauze wipe, remove grease, hand sweat and dust. Use of the lamp, the quartz tube should be regularly wiped clean (decision based on frequency of use), so as not to affect the UV penetration and illumination intensity.
Meanwhile, XPES production of high-power UV germicidal lamp, the intensity is more than three times the ordinary UV germicidal lamp can replace dozens or even hundreds of ordinary UV germicidal lamp, so long as you maintain a sufficient, is it very convenient, very simple?

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