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UVC 300watt uv lamp treat wastewater

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    As we know,the sun’s ultraviolet C wave is the one that produces the light that is nature’s own sterilizer – perfect for cleansing the air. It has been scientifically proven to penetrate microorganism structure, disrupt their DNA and prevent them from breeding. By utilizing artificial ultraviolet light, humans have been able to mimic the sun’s ability and use it for germicidal irradiation. The practice has been used by food and wastewater industries since the 20th century and more recently, has found its way into air purification. The World Health Organization states that biological contaminates account for 50% of all home allergies. XPES 300watt ultraviolet lights can be installed by an air conditioning contractor and help the sun shine where it normally doesn’t.
    UV disinfection products featuring:High-performance, energy-efficient, long-lasting UV lamps that inactivate more than 99.99% of all waterborne pathogens in just seconds.
    Sizes ranging from drinking water systems handling flow rates of 8.5 to 40 MGD m3 to scalable UV systems for municipal wastewater that can handle virtually unlimited flow rates.
    XPES uv lights, we only focus on 300watt ultraviolet lights,which replace 30 pieces 30watt uv lamp.
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