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XPES attends 2017 IEexpo with high output germicidal uv Lamps

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May 4 at 9 am, Asia's largest environmental exhibition - the 18th China Central Fair in Shanghai grand opening, the scene surging, not only attracted nearly 3,000 environmental companies at home and abroad exhibitors, more attractive Thousands of viewers come to watch.
High Output Germicidal uv Lamps
XPES demonstrated high output germicidal uv lamps also attracted the Xiamen University, Qingdao University and other domestic outstanding research institutions to teach scholars to come with the XPES engineers to use UV treatment of waste gas wastewater treatment to discuss the technical issues involved in their frank exchanged the relevant suggestions and comments.
High Output Germicidal uv Lamps
The environmental protection exhibition will be held in May 4-6, Shanghai New International Expo Center for a period of 3 days of the show, welcome you environmental protection equipment manufacturers and other environmental protection personnel to come with XPES engineers to carry out technical exchanges: E3 Hall 3045.
High Output Germicidal uv Lamps

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