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XPES makes great effect in aquaculture uv disinfection water treatment

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Can induction uv lamp make effect in aquaculture disinfection water treatment? Of course it can! 

In ordinary aquaculture farms and intensive aquaculture, bacterial and viral diseases tend to pose serious problems with aquatic quality. The use of surface water in the circulation system through the introduction of water-borne fish pathogenic microorganisms has the risk of causing water organisms to become ill, which has led to a serious decline in the quality of aquaculture around the world, limiting the progress of commercialization of new aquaculture species, May require some professional action to disinfect the effluent before discharge into the aquatic environment. One of the most effective is the reliable means of controlling the presence of pathogens in the inlet water. Sterilization by ozonation or induction uv lamp irradiation is two of the most commonly used methods in aquaculture.

What kind of induction uv lamp in the aquaculture industry application can get the best results?

① High strength. If you want to achieve the best results in aquaculture applications, the use of UV radiation intensity needs to reach a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation, intensity of 30000uw / ​​cm ² is considered to effectively kill harmful microorganisms.

② Instant effective. To achieve the best results of aquaculture sterilization must be very high sterilization efficiency, can instantly kill harmful micro-organisms, induction uv lamp can open and close at anytime.

③ Secondary pollution is small or no. Traditional bleach, chlorine dioxide and other ways to deal with aquaculture wastewater will usually cause secondary pollution of water, residual harmful substances, affecting the health of water quality.

④ Low long-term maintenance costs. Bleaching powder, chlorine dioxide, filter membrane and other traditional disinfection methods of life is extremely short, not only will leave the possibility of secondary pollution, and long-term use is not a small fee, and induction uv lamp can give you high sterilization strength, life of up to 60,000 hours or more, may be so far your best in the aquaculture bactericidal helper.

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