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Is uv disinfection lamp valuable?

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Is uv disinfection lamp valuable? I strongly believe that many boss will doubt that if the uv disinfection lamp worthwhile for his factory.Let's learn about it and find out why!

At present, the uv disinfection lamp is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, which is mainly the use of ultraviolet radiation to the micro-organisms, it will occur the energy transfer and accumulation, the accumulation of organic microbial inactivation, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection. Therefore, a remarkable effect can be obtained in the water treatment.

UV disinfection lamp have many advantages compare to the traditional bleaching powder disinfection, activated carbon precipitation and other water treatment methods:
① high bactericidal efficiency, instantly kill a variety of organic microorganisms in wastewater, that is, that is, can be directly soaked in water
② large quantities of disinfection: UV disinfection lamp can treat a large quantities of industrial wastewater for 360 ° no dead end all-round sterilization treatment, 24-hour uninterrupted operation at the same time
③ no secondary pollution: the uv disinfection lamp after the wastewater directly through the environmental assessment can be directly discharged into the rivers and lakes, not a secondary pollution source
④ long-term maintenance costs low: UV disinfection lamp once purchased, can be used for more than 60,000 hours long, eliminating the large amount of long-term investment in human and material resources, and safe and reliable, excellent stability

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