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UVC germicidal lamps in water treatment plant water disinfection

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uvc germicidal lamps

With the extensive use of ultraviolet disinfection in recent years, mainly used in drinking water disinfection, air purification disinfection, the surface of the equipment and other areas of sterilization. It has played the advantages of the majority of users have been recognized and welcomed by the disinfection of disinfection without pollution, no harmful substances generated by the user's praise, especially in the recent water pollution and tap water disinfection reports to make people aware of the chlorine sterilization Disinfection of the drawbacks, and to re-understand the advantages of UV sterilization, the most recent period in some parts of China's sewage tail water disinfection and water disinfection are used in the ultraviolet.
At present, the use of ultraviolet disinfection of the water plant is the first time in the Yangtze River into the use of the first, through the use of UV chlorine disinfection process, to a certain extent, because the uvc germicidal lamps is not continuous shortcomings, and the use of UV disinfection Chlorine over the resulting secondary pollution. To solve the past sterilization caused by pollution and debris, this combination of the use of the two forms of complementary water is the trend after the disinfection of water. At present, the water plant is basically disinfected with chemical reagents, and a lot of resources are put into the transportation of chemical reagents above the dosage and above the water quality. However, there is a residue after sterilization. UVC germicidal lamps application in the water plant is a step forward is also a try.
UV disinfection background, the emergence of UV disinfection than chlorine sterilization early, just because the technology is not mature, the lamp effective sterilization time is short, the cost is relatively high reasons behind the development rate of chlorine disinfection. With the development of technology, the emergence of highly efficient UVC germicidal lamps, so that the effective use of time to reach more than 10,000 hours, cost and bactericidal effect has been greatly improved. UV disinfection in Europe and the United States has already begun a large-scale implementation, combined with chlorine disinfection better. UV disinfection is no secondary pollution is the industry recognized green disinfection, and sterilization speed, bacteria can basically be able to kill in 0.1-1 seconds. These are the advantages of UV over chlorine disinfection.

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