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Where can you use the uv germicidal lamp at?

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As an energy-saving and environment-friendly way, uv germicidal lamp plays more and more important role in water treatment, including Industrial area, commercial area, municipal area, pharmaceutical area and others.
uv germicidal lamp

The XPES work with you from problem analysis to complete testing, startup, system monitoring and follow-up service. Specializing in high uv intensity and high power germicidal lamp, and XPES adapt to your needs for a custom solution that uses your standards.
Commercial establishments in health care, education, food service, hospitality, vehicle washing and laundries have enjoyed reduced costs through water improvements engineered by the XPES. Examples of problems solved include scaling, spotting, staining, excess soap consumption, excessive energy consumption, bad taste, decreased equipment life and excessive equipment maintenance.
XPES have experience treating surface water and ground water to meet increasingly stringent standards imposed by kinds of environmental policy. Ultraviolet technologies are used to solve problems such as turbidity, giardia, bacteria, dissolved organics.
Accustomed to rigid validation requirements and committed to full service from project conception through final acceptance, the XPES have many years of experience in pharmaceuticals ultraviolet disinfection.
High purity water applications and requirements are extremely varied. In cleaning applications, water is often substituted for organic solvents, requiring water cleaner than municipal. Miniaturization of electronics components require ever-higher water purity. XPES will evaluate problems and recommend solutions to offer the most cost-effective alternative to meet your water quality specifications.

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