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Clean room disinfection uv lamp

Clean room disinfection uv lamp

    1. 300W regular power, the UV output is 1300uw/cm2 in 1meter; 2 times higher than Philip's UV lamp;
    2. 60,000+ hours lifespan, 3-5 times than the traditional UV lamp tube;
    3. Work for 24 hours, and can open&close millions of times;
    4. Water-proof, no need the casting;
    5. Solid amalgam, no pollution;
    6. 3 years warranty;
    7. 99.99% Sterilization effect to kill Legionella, Escherichia coli, Mold

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Ozone Based Clean Room UVC Germicidal Lamps
In the clean room lighting design, one can not ignore the content is set to consider whether ultraviolet light disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization surfactant, silent in the sterilization process, non-toxic, no residue, and the economy is flexible and convenient, it is suitable Fan turn widely in industry, the pharmaceutical industry packing plant sterile rooms, laboratories and animal rooms need sterilization, food industry packaging and bottling plant, in the health sector can be used in operating rooms, wards and other special occasions sterilizing treatment, the pharmaceutical industry clean room may be determined according to the needs of the owners installed ultraviolet light disinfection.
Ultraviolet sterilization has its own advantages compared with other methods, such as heating sterilization, ozone sterilization, radiation sterilization, sterilization and so on:
1, the UV valid for all species, is a highly effective sterilization measures.

2, almost no effect on the sterilization of an object (to be irradiated).

3, can be sterilized in a row, in the case of the staff have also sterilized.

4, low-cost long-term investment, low operating cost, simple to make use of.
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiationHow to choose uvc germicidal lamp for clean room ?
UV lamp has a special significance for surface sterilization, clean room facilities such as countertops used, the container must be disinfected paper, clothing surface and can be used by Ultraviolet disinfection. But UV penetration performance is poor, it is exposed to only kill microorganisms, for no less than the site of irradiation sterilization. Of tools, when surface disinfected, it must be washed to remove dirt, otherwise the bactericidal effect will be reduced. Install the UV lamp distance should be about 1 meter to disinfection, disinfection active area of ​​1.5 m -2 m around the lamp at the time depending on the bacteria and viruses may be.

Why XPES UVC lamps ?
Efficient sterilization. UV on bacteria, viruses sterilization is generally completed within a few seconds, while the traditional chlorine and ozone, the general effect of ultraviolet radiation to reach 20 to 60 minutes.
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High transmittance.Quartz glass tube production, light transmittance> 95%, greatly improving the efficiency of sterilization
No secondary pollution. Since UV disinfection is not adding any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution of water and the surrounding environment.

Ultraviolet light can reduce odor and degradation of trace organics. UV on a variety of trace organic compounds in water has a certain ability to degrade and can reduce water smell.

Long life.Lifetime up to 60,000 hours,using the latest generation of UV lamps promise.

Waterproof.Using a special waterproof sealant to ensure the safe use of the lamp.

The best effect in the field.We have a research about the killing effect about TOCs of major brands UV light in the water ,and find that XPES UVC Lamp create the largest killing effect.
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Numerous quality control.
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation
254nm uv lamp
Atlantic ultraviolet corporation

Wordwides Important electrical standards certification.
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Focus on 300W UVC Lamp manufacturer for 7 years

XPES is a professional manufacturer in high output UV germicidal lamp area. Production of high-power strong ultraviolet light can be used 60,000 hours, 1m from the radiation intensity reaches 1300uw / cm², these two figures are the industry leaders. These advantages make XPES high-power UV lamp is ideal for clean room to meet strong radiation, less maintenance, a wide range of flow rate control requirements. XPES ultraviolet light has been applied to multiple instances, including water purification sterilization and gas sterilization. We have been providing the industry's highest standards of quality requirements, the application of UV industry more widely.
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