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Aquaculture Water UV Lamp
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  • germicidal uv lamp
  • germicidal lamp
  • uv lamp germicidal
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Aquaculture Water UV Lamp

      1. 400W regular power, the UV output is 1800uw/cm2 in 1meter; 2 times higher than Philip's UV lamp;
      2. 60,000+ hours lifespan, 3-5 times than the traditional UV lamp tube;
      3. Work for 24 hours, and can open&close millions of times;
      4. Water-proof, no need the casting;
      5. Solid amalgam, no pollution;
      6. 3 years warranty
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XPES UV Lamp For Aquaculture Water Purifier
Ultraviolet disinfection is a non-chemical process where by using UV Systems microorganisms are exposed to Ultraviolet light energy at 254nm wave length. Ultraviolet light deactivates the DNA material in cells so that bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms can no longer reproduce.uv lamp for water purifier price
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