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Guangdong Xingpu Energy Saving Light Co.,Ltd
Guangdong Xingpu Energy Saving Light Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 , which is a large uvc light manufacturer of product research, production, sales in the integration. Mainly specialized in the production of high power electrodeless uvc lamp, 4 pins single ended uv lamp tubes, 2 pins double ended uv lamp tubes, H type uv tubes, uv sterilizer and so on.Our products are exporting to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East , more than 110 countries, we have got the good reputation from all over the world.
Guangdong Xingpu Energy Saving Light Co., Ltd. covers an area of 1400 square meters, with annual production capacity countless pieces. Our products have been authorized by most international quality approvals ,such as CE,CB,SGS, CCC, EMC, RoHS, ETL,SAA and etc. In order to meet all needs and requirements of our customers. we has built up a comprehensive network .we are using advanced production and testing equipment. we are capable of international standard production process,and standing out in production capacity and quality control among other competitors.
Guangdong Xingpu Energy Saving Light Co., Ltd. is working with the best raw materials and electric components, we produce high quality electrical appliances from market-oriented demand, it is the best collaboration partner with customers all over the world. We are sincerely providing good products and service by OEM or multiple channels. Welcome to our factory to have a visit and purchase the products to your greatest satisfactory.

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Focusing on the R&D of uv light tube and ballast, uv lamp sterilizers and other air purification products, which are well-designed by our technical team.


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