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Who We Are


For many years, XPES has been a leading manufacturer in the production of UV lamps for various disinfection sterilizers and equipment. Our mission is to enhance uv lamp's use value. 


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UV Lamp Manufacturing

XPES is a global exporting UV lamp manufacturer, focusing on the R&D of UV light tubes and ballast, UV lamp sterilizers, and other customized cost-effective products, which are well-designed by xpes technical team.

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Innovative Disinfection Solutions


· Our solutions have earned patents and awards because they

reduce indoor air pollutants, energy consumption, maintenance costs,

and carbon footprint. Scientific research, rigorous testing, and

relentless innovation stand behind every UV lighting solution

we design and build.


· As a professional supplier of UV Lamp, XPES makes custom

UV Lamp Tubes based on the lamp shape, length, diameter, lamp base,

and even the lamp socket and UV ballast - flexible options to make it

specific and compatible with.



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What can you get from XPES ?

  • Serving our clients with the highest quality care means building strong, strategic partnerships.
  • These relationships enable us to commence mass production of new types of proprietary and specialty lamps cost-effectively and with a short turnaround. As an OEM-focused specialty lamp company, XPES knows how to build and maintain long-term business alliances that add value and profits to our OEM customers' bottom line.
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Reliable Manufacturer

Good Product · Awesome Services · Core Technology




XPES has passed a number of tests by professional certification institutions.

Why is XPES UV Lamp ?

XPES is a professional manufacturer in producing high-output uv lamps, XPES uv lamps have been applied to water purification and gas sterilization, to meet the requirements of strong radiation, less maintenance and wide range of water flow speed control. XPES provides the high standard quality requirements and is widely used in the UV industry.

Welcome to XPES ——

UV Lamp Manufacturer

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