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Why HVAC needs uvc lamps?

Proper air filtration is the first line of defense against the circulation of microbes within your HVAC system. With the right conditions and proper installation, UVC lamp can be very effective at killing viruses, mold, and bacteria.


Having UVC lamp installed in your HVAC system may seem at first unnecessary...... UVC lamp cannot only help keep germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses out of your ducts, they allow your system to perform at its best and keep energy bills low too.


As a sanitation device, UVC lamp eliminate bacteria and mold around your air conditioning (furnace) coil before it can be recirculated into your living space. Common bioaerosols and airborne pollutants that affect indoor air quality include: Mold, mildew, fungus. Bacteria.

uvc lamps

The best location to install a UVC lamp if in the A-shape is above, center, and downstream of the coil. This allows the A/C ultraviolet light to shine the most amount of light on the coil, while killing some of the airborne microbes. The second best location is below the evaporator coil (if there is room).


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