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Which high power uv germicidal lamp is better ?

XPES specializes in producing high-power electrodeless UV lamps for nearly 12 years, including 300W, 400W, 500W, and 1000W. There is no need to add quartz tube sterilization lamps in the water. The sterilization effect is 100%, and the service life of the lamp is 50,000-70,000 hours. The service life of the ballast is about 24000 hours.

uv germicidal lampXPES induction uv lamp can also treat various industrial waste gas and air purification fields. All kinds of processing equipment in the future will eliminate extreme ultraviolet lamps. The service life of extreme ultraviolet germicidal lamps is usually only about 8000 hours, and they are used on various equipment; the maintenance cost is high, and the effect is not good. However, XPES induction uv lamp only attenuates about 20% of ultraviolet rays after 5 years of use. Suitable for various waste gas treatments, such as paint waste gas treatment, chemical waste gas treatment, rubber waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment in farms, waste gas treatment in fish meal plants, waste gas from sewage treatment, waste gas purification from various hospitals, etc. . At the same time, it is suitable for water treatment; sewage treatment, direct drinking water engineering, tap water disinfection, sewage decolorization, TOC and VOC removal, etc. Choosing XPES uv germicidal lamp, means choosing the best effect!

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